Version 2

My name is Patricia, although I go by Patty, except to one special person who gets to call me ‘Mama’.

I feel like I’ve lived many lives as my world is forever changing.   I was born and raised in New York where I had many dreams.  Some where to be a chef, others to be a fashion designer, and yet others to live and work on a horse ranch.  However life gets in the way and you take different paths that sometimes steer you away from your childhood dreams.

After school I had a great time working in the restaurant industry for many years.  I also dipped my toe in modeling, which was fun and exciting and brought me to Milan, Italy for a stint.  As one door closed another opened and I found out I was an excellent event planner, which became my chosen profession for many years to come.

As time passed, my ideals changed as did my career.  Life took a few more twists and turns and I found myself married and living in Los Angeles, CA.  That is where I met the most amazing person in my life:  my daughter, who is my inspiration, my passion, and my determination.

I love country music and one of my favorite artists is Keith Urban. There’s a line from his song “Stupid Boy” that sums up the next couple of years in my life very well.

It took awhile for her to figure out she could run

But when she did, she was long gone

Long gone

Gathering the strength to free myself from a bad marriage took it’s toll on me and my business.  But with each knock down, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and became stronger.  Over two years later I was finally free, single, and moving to Texas to make my dreams come true.

My daughter and I now live in Georgetown, Texas which is just outside the awesome town of Austin.  We are incredibly happy here as we rebuild our lives and dream of wide open spaces, delicious meals with food from our garden, horses and chickens, rescuing more and more animals, family, friends and any other wild things that pop into our minds.

I guess I did find my way back to my childhood dreams after all.