End Of Summer = Sale Time

Yes … the long dog days of summer are coming to an end.   The smell of sun block, the sound of waves crashing as you lazily read a book with the sand between your toes, will all be a distant memory in a few weeks.   The routine of life snaps back as the ease of the long summer days drifts away.  (sad face)

But one bright side to the end of summer?  S A L E S!  

Crazy sales!  Have you checked your inbox lately?  I can’t go 1 minute without getting at least 5 emails telling me I must buy something because of the ridiculous summer savings I will get.  The thing is … they are right!

I love shopping summertime sales!  Its my time to stock up on so many amazing items – clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, household items – at a fraction of the price.

So it just seemed fitting that I would launch an end-of-summer ECO Chic sale.  My customers deserve it and I’m happy to give them that giddy feeling when they realize the deal they just scored.  It’s like Christmas … in August.

So pop on over to my website and check out the amazing deals on all of my favorite summer fabrics.  Nude metallics …. cobalt blues … bright nectar … crisp whites.  They’re all there just begging for you to click and ship. (pick me!  pick me! )

Enjoy the final days of summer.  And when they are over, I bet if you close your eyes you can still hear the waves crashing.


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