End Of Summer = Sale Time

Yes … the long dog days of summer are coming to an end.   The smell of sun block, the sound of waves crashing as you lazily read a book with the sand between your toes, will all be a distant memory in a few weeks.   The routine of life snaps back as the ease of the long summer days drifts away.  (sad face)

But one bright side to the end of summer?  S A L E S!  

Crazy sales!  Have you checked your inbox lately?  I can’t go 1 minute without getting at least 5 emails telling me I must buy something because of the ridiculous summer savings I will get.  The thing is … they are right!

I love shopping summertime sales!  Its my time to stock up on so many amazing items – clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, household items – at a fraction of the price.

So it just seemed fitting that I would launch an end-of-summer ECO Chic sale.  My customers deserve it and I’m happy to give them that giddy feeling when they realize the deal they just scored.  It’s like Christmas … in August.

So pop on over to my website and check out the amazing deals on all of my favorite summer fabrics.  Nude metallics …. cobalt blues … bright nectar … crisp whites.  They’re all there just begging for you to click and ship. (pick me!  pick me! )

Enjoy the final days of summer.  And when they are over, I bet if you close your eyes you can still hear the waves crashing.


Move Over Kid, I Want To Color

As a child I remember the smell of a new box of crayons.  As I cracked open the top, the scent of Crayola wafted into the air.  My eyes gleamed as I scanned the variety of colors not knowing which one to pick first.  Would it robin’s egg blue … wild strawberry … or something more standard like sunset orange.

There’s something about coloring that transcends you to another space.  The melodic back and forth of the crayon is almost hypnotizing as your colorful masterpiece unfolds right before your eyes.

Combine that with my love of fashion and I’m hooked for hours.   I’m suddenly a fashion designer creating the couture fall collection ready to hit the runways in Paris and Milan.

Last November Vogue realized that adult coloring books were all the rage and they launched the Vogue Colouring Book that featured hand-drawn designs taken right from the fashion pages of the 1950’s.  Think Dior ball gowns and Chanel suits.   All right at your fingertips waiting for you to add your colorful touches.


Clearly it was a hit because Vogue is now launching the Vogue Goes Pop edition including 60’s inspired psychedelic patterns with a hint of hippie.




The colouring book will be available for sale next week.


Go channel your inner child, grab a box of crayons and color.

You can even color outside the lines.

Summer Dresses 101

I’m a busy person.  Much like yourself, I have too many balls in the air and my goal each day is to avoid dropping too many of them.

I have the pleasure of working from home, so I get to avoid the traffic-laden commute that many have to bear.  My days start early as I usher my little one off to school and than start my work marathon of assorted jobs before I head back to school to collect my little nugget.  Than I put on my “mom cap” for a few hours before I switch back to my “entrepreneur cap” after she hits the sack.   Exhausting?  Yes!   But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well …. : )

There are many pluses to working from a home office but one downfall is clothing.  You can easily fall into that “I’ll just throw on anything comfortable look” because nobody is going to see me …. other than the moms at school drop off & pick up.  (I’ve seen some crazy get-ups sported by other moms … who I’m convinced do not have a single mirror hanging in their home)

That’s when I stopped and paused … I’m not going to be “that” person.  You know – the person that goes out in public with ratty pajamas or sweats on and hair that hasn’t seen a comb in days.   Who cares that I work from home?  Who cares that most of the time the only one that sees me is a 90 pound German Shepherd that lays by my feet munching on a bone.  I refuse to let myself “go” just because I have a home office.

So I made it a priority to ensure that each day, I get dressed so that should a Mr. George Clooney happen to knock on my front door, I wouldn’t be embarrassed for him to see me.

I decided that one of the easiest ways to dress with a look that is comfortable, casual, yet put together is a dress.  And warm weather screams the need for cute, comfy dresses that can easily transfer from office to school to playground to dinner out.

One of my favorite places to shop is Zara.  It’s trendy.  It’s moderately priced.  It’s fashionable.

On a recent trip, I snagged a few cute pieces for my little girl and treated myself to an awesome denim dress, which is now my go-to dress during the week.  Easy to wear paired with wedges, sandals, or my new gray Vans sneakers.

Here are some of my other favs from Zara which just might make it into my rotation sooner rather than later.

How cute is this Frilled Denim Dress ($50)  Girly, easy to wear and perfect with a pair of wedges



I love this white Contrast Lace Jacquard Dress ($100)  Perfect for those summertime backyard parties.  Paired with some glitzy flat sandals and a sunhat.  Classy.



Every woman should own a shirt dress.  I LOVE this Lace-Up Shirt Dress ($50) in classic navy.  Great details.  Easy to wear day or night.



Feeling romantic?   This Dress with Lace Hem is the perfect amount of boho + romance ($60)



Summer dresses means florals!  This Print Dress ($70) is awesome.  Something you can wear and feel feminine and sexy just about anywhere …



This Sateen Dress ($40) is so versatile.  Wear it as is or pair it with some faux leather leggings for a super cute day event.  Throw on sexy heels & jewelry for the perfect going out-on-the-town dress



The Every Classy, Trench Coat

The Trench Coat, developed roughly 100 years before World War I, has become an iconic staple in most closets.  What’s so fascinating is that despite being more than 100 years old, it’s classic shape and style can still be seen even with the touch of today’s fashion trends.

Originally made for military use, hence the name “trench” coat, it wasn’t until 1917 civilians of both sexes started sporting these coats on their city streets.


The signature manufacturer of these coats?  None other than the luxury British brand, Burberry.



Fast forward to circa 2016 most everyone has some form of a trench coat hanging in their closets.   What’s trending for spring?   Here’s some of my favorites.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Single Breasted Trench    Classic color with an updated look



The Sandringham – Long Heritage Trench Coat from Burberry.    Comes in a variety of colors and you can also get it monogrammed



The Twill Trench Coat from French Connection  I love the softer color of this coat


London Fog is another popular name in trench coats and I really l like this Polka Dot Single Breasted style
Vera Wang Valencia Trench.  Classic style with updated flare
I would be remiss without mentioning TopShop’s Double Breasted Trench
There you have it.  The abbreviated story about the classic trench coat.
What is your trench style?

Wedge Me

The wedge.

They are all over the fashion week runways and soon you’ll be sporting your very own pair, if you don’t already have a bunch in your closet.

What is so great about the wedge is it offers you height, sans the instability and (sometimes) discomfort of a high heel.

I did some digging and it turns out the first wedge dates back to the 1930’s.   Actually it was 1936 to be exact and the designer was none other than Salvatore Ferragamo.  His first wedge had an “F” shaped heel made from wood.

Than in 1939 he made a cork wedge heel for the infamous Judy Garland.  Wow comes to mind looking at this shoe.



Since than the wedge has morphed into the colors, styles and shapes that we see pounding the runways and pavement today.

It’s a hot trend for the approaching spring season, probably because they go so well with most outfits and are easy on the tootsies.  Whether you’re looking for something classic or edgy, with cork or fringe, metallic or snakeskin, I’m sure you’ll find a pair you love on ShoeDazzle 

You can go sky high with these wedges.


If you’re looking for something a little lower to the ground check these beauties out.


Street style is what your looking for?   You’ll love the wedge sneakers.


Here’s the best part.  They’re all under $40.

I ❤ wedges.





White Hot for Spring

One trend we are not saying goodbye to this coming season is what is south of your ankles.  The white hot, white sneaker.

If you weren’t sporting the Adidas Stan Smith in 2015 than you’ve got one more chance to jump on the fashion bandwagon and snag your pair in time to be on-trend for spring and summer.

Don’t want to be a fashion cliche?   Than check out these white sneaker alternatives and put your own spin on this white hot trend.


The H&M White Sneaker – $29.99    I love the hint of snakeskin on the back.



The Chuck Taylor All Star Fringe Leather High Top Sneaker – $144.95    Why not combine two shoe fashion trends in one, white sneakers + fringe = tres chic


The Adidas Originals Samoa Perforated Mono Sneaker – $65    Clean & classic



The Joshua Sanders Leather Slip On – $425



The Axel Arigato Low SSneaker – $195



Don’t see anything that screams “MY style” ?  There are thousand more options for you to choose from.  How to wear them?  With everything from jeans to dresses … and of course a little attitude.   Don’t forget to pair them with my Urban Shopping Tote in White .






Pretty Little Phone Cases

Everywhere you look, people are looking down at their smart phones.  They are either texting, Pinning, Tweeting, posting Instagram pics, checking Facebook, taking a selfie or talking on the phone.  In fact, I find it rare these days that someone isn’t walking around with their phone in their hands.  (I for one try to boycott this but I have been known to snap an Instagram photo or respond to a text while out and about.)

So with all of this attention you pay to your smart phone, it only follows suit that your phone case should be as fashionable as you.

Enter Casetify.  Your go-to site for everything electronic protection.   Need a sleeve for your Mac?  Check.   Fancy case for your Android?  They’ve got you covered.  Oh – you’re a Samsung chick?  There’s something for you too.

My favorite?  The Paper Fashion Collection.   For $40 you can score a gorgeous and tres chic phone case that has as much style as the audience of a Paris Fashion Week Runway show.


I’m also digging their Spring Collection.  Bright pops of color … gorgeous florals … hints of fashion … and some sweet treats to keep you cool.


Did you jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon?  They’ve got you covered there too.  Snazzy bands in a variety of styles and colors.  Want to design your own?  They can do that too.


I told you.  Casetify has it all.  Now you’re electronic devices will be as stylish as you.

Hot Oscar Trend: Dangling Earrings

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night you saw a parade of celebrities sporting the very best in clothes, shoes, make up and of course, jewelry.

One trend we definitely saw were gorgeous dangling earrings.  I for one can get behind this trend.   There’s nothing like a pair of sparkling danglers to glam up your outfit.



So I spent part of yesterday surfing the internet for some of my favorite danglers.   First stop:  Racked.  They conveniently put together a spread so you can buy and sport your very own.


Of course, I had to check out Etsy and see what my fellow shop owners had.  I found a pair of gold statement earrings from Greenperidot that I thought were diverse enough to be worn day or night with just the right amount of glam. ($30.50)



Of course, my research wouldn’t be complete without checking out Stella & Dot where I found this unique pair called Casablanca Chandeliers for $59.  Turns out they are actually 3 earrings in 1 because you can snap on pieces to convert them from studs to danglers.  Genius!



Click on over to Polyvore and peruse their selection.   There were so many colors, shapes and sizes I didn’t know where to begin … or end.


Needless to say there is a plethora of options out there at a variety of price points should you decide to sport this jewelry trend.

My style?  I love pairing glitzy glamorous danglers with my jeans and white t-shirts.  Than when I’m walking down the grocery aisle, I feel that much more fashionable. (Insert red carpet)

My Stitch Fix

I was waiting by the window like a kid sits and anxiously watches the dark night sky waiting for a glimpse at Santa’s sleigh.  Only my Santa was in a dark uniform and a baseball cap with the words FedEx printed on it.

Yup ..today was the day my Stitch Fix box was scheduled to arrive.  My personal stylist was sending me style, in a box.

Hopeful and fearful, I couldn’t wait to see what my stylist Regina, paired for me.  I brought the box into my bedroom and carefully slit open the tape.


Ohhh… a small box.  Gotta be jewelry!   All of the items were neatly folded and sealed.  It was like Christmas.  There was even a style card with a personal note from my stylist.  She took the time to tell me why she picked each piece and how I could pair them together and wear them with the activities in my life. (nice touch)

Fool-proof instructions  let me know what to do if I decided to keep my items or return them, complete with a large addressed return envelope.   So far, I’m loving how simple Stitch Fix is making it for me.



So what did my box include?   Two tops, a pair of jeans, a suede swing skirt and a layering necklace.   I have to admit, when I first glanced at the clothes I wasn’t knocked-over-impressed as I thought I would be.  I held my breath a little as I slowly tried on the embroidered top.  After poking my head through the neck hole I was pleasantly surprised.  This top was awesome!  The fit was perfect.  Trendy, fashionable, yet a laid-back casual style I had grown to love while living in Southern California.  I tried the jeans on and again … surprised at how much I liked them.  (Lesson learned:  Don’t judge a piece of clothes until you try it on)  And so I tried on each and every piece, modeling them around my room and pairing them with other items in my closet.

They also included an itemized invoice that outlined the cost of each piece (they fitted nicely within my budget) and offered a 25% discount if I bought all 5 items.

Their  website has a great style gallery (inspiration) and a section where you can ask a stylist a fashion question.  (Where do I begin!?)

The verdict?  I kept some of the pieces from my style box and decided to return the others.  I will definitely be ordering another box soon (I can see how this can quickly become addicting).  I love how my stylist pushed me to try things I would have passed up in a store and never thought of buying.

Personal style is a click away.



I <3 Stella & Dot Jewelry

I first met Stella & Dot at a trunk show at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.   I was shy at first.  I would glimpse at the eye catching jewelry that laid beautifully spread all over a table, but I wasn’t sure I would make a purchase.

Slowly making my way over to the table,  I was in awe at what I saw.  The gorgeous layering necklaces were the first to catch my eye.  Just the right amount of sparkle, yet casual enough that I could wear it with jeans during the day.


Then I saw the bracelets.  Simple designs combined with just the right amount of glam.  Versatile so I could use them both day and night.

At that point I was lost.  Lost in a myriad of jewelry anxiously trying to decide which pieces I wanted to make my own.   But I was fearful of the price.

My fears were put to rest when the Stella & Dot stylist came over and had me try on some pieces.  I was instantly hooked.  They looked even better on me than sitting on the table.   I was shocked to learn the prices were reasonable!   Totally affordable jewelry that makes a statement and will last.

Whenever I’m looking for a new piece of jewelry or shopping for a friend, this is my first stop because I know I will always find something amazing.

That night, I met my jewelry soulmate … and we are still happy together years later.