What’s Better Than A Summertime Sale?



ECO Chic + Mamabu Box

Here’s the deal.  Head on over to Mamabu Box and enter code “PREMIER20” to get 20% off your subscription.

Subscription to what?

Well – a monthly box of goodies that are perfectly designed for the busy mom or any woman that needs to start taking better care of themselves.  You know who you are .. the woman that rarely does anything for yourself because you’re too busy taking care of everyone and everything else.

And let’s face it .. without you .. the rest will slowly fall apart.

That’s why I love Mamabu Box.  Your monthly subscription will contain 4-6 items based on a theme or activity that encourages you to practice “self-care”.  The pretty box will arrive right at your doorstep each month.  It’s like Christmas 12 months a year.

Here’s your sneak peek inside the first Mambu Box set to arrive in June.    That’s right .. the ECO Chic Zipper Pouch in Turquoise Faux Leather.   The perfect fashionable zipper pouch for your keys – money – phone – lipgloss and your must-have grab and go item.  Perfect for your tote, gym bag, beach bag or travel tote.  The turquoise is super hot for summer fashion and you’ll be happy to know that it’s 100% washable.



Today’s the last day to head on over and snag 20% off your subscription.

I KNOW you’re worth it.


Celebrate Earth Day 2016

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

Every day.  Every time. 

Earth Day 2016

You have the power to make a difference in this world.   No matter how small and insignificant it may feel to you … it’s not.

Eliminating the use of single use bags is a simple and easy way to make a difference.  Whether your city has banned the bag or not, it’s up to you to take the first step.

Make a pledge to never again, use a plastic or paper bag when you’re shopping, whether it’s at the grocery store, your local pharmacy or your favorite clothing store.

What can that really accomplish?   You will be reducing the amount of environmental impact it takes to make those plastic and paper bags.  And quite possibly, you could be the difference between a marine animal ingesting a plastic bag and dying … or swimming happily in a cleaner ocean.

Yes, one single bag can kill a sea animal.  

Whatever your motivation is …. cleaning up the oceans for our wildlife … creating a healthier planet for our children … reducing the impact on our environment … or just following the crowd …. make a pact to take a step towards a brighter future.

My entire store is on sale.  20% off everything in honor of Earth Day 2016.  

That means a handmade Reusable Grocery Bag is just $12.80. (it’s machine washable too)  Most people spend more than that on their coffee fix for the week.   If you live in a city that charges for paper bags, how much do you spend on them in a month?  Imagine getting that money back as a credit on your grocery bill because you bring your own grocery bag?  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.  


It means my handmade Urban Shopping Totes are just $36.  (The small size replaces 2-3 single use bags, it folds and is 100% machine washable)  This universal tote works amazingly well as a reusable shopper bag, but it also doubles as your beach tote, travel tote, gym bag, park bag and your weekend get-away bag.    Carry it as your everyday tote and you’ll never forget your reusable shopping bag again.


Not in love with my bags?  That’s fine.  But find a reusable bag that you love and start using it.  Everyday.  Every time

It’s up to us.  It’s up to you, to start making an impact and reverse the damage that we have been doing to this planet.  Our children, our wildlife, our planet, and yes, YOU, deserve a healthier, cleaner planet to live on.

Start today, before it’s too late.  

Celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22, 2016.  Make this the year you make a big difference to this great amazing planet we share.

Prepping for the Red Poppy Festival

Working 14 hour + days, placing last minute supply orders, and enlisting the help of every family member and friend I know … I’m busy prepping for the Annual Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Texas.


Think three days of handmade arts & crafts by local artisans that are hand selected for this event, combined with food, amazing music, parades, family activities and so much more.   It’s a huge event for our quaint little town and I for one am thrilled to be part of it.

But that means working like a dog until showtime.  (That’s such a funny expression because all I ever see my dog do is lay around and snooze … except for when he’s playing ball.)


Anyone who stops by Booth #704 is sure to find some of my oldies (but goodies) like my infamous Gray Snakeskin & Nude Metallic Urban Shopping Totes, which always sell out super quick.


There’s a large variety of Canvas Reusable Grocery Bags, including one especially made to show off your Texas pride.  (I had to!  Texans are very proud)


I will be showcasing my new line of Zipper Pouches with a lot more styles that I currently have on my website.  They come in three sizes and will hold everything from your phone, keys and credit cards to your iPad.  Match one to your Urban Shopping Tote or go for a new style.


Lastly, I’m excited to launch my ECO Chic Kit.  Everything you need to creatively help save the planet and design your very own, very unique Reusable Shopping Tote.


Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking bout all that still needs to get done.   I’m doing the last minute sewing scramble where basically I reside behind my trusty Juki sewing machine until it’s go-time.

That’s my behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to prep for a art & craft show.

The Possibilities Are Endless

When I started my company back in 2012 the idea was to create a reusable shopping bag that people would want to carry.  Something big, sturdy, washable and of course, fashionable.

Over the years I have added new new designs and collections but the foundation remained true.

Where do I get my inspiration?  From you.  My customers.

It’s true.  What started out as a simple idea was taken and broadened by the very people that are using my bags.   I have found that Moms L O V E these totes because they use them to cart around all of their kids’ stuff.  (… and let’s face it … kids have a LOT of stuff!) 



Customers that travel a lot wanted a zipper pocket and a bag with more structure than the Urban Shopping Tote.  That’s where I got the idea for the CarryAll Tote, made from faux leather and a unique lining, complete with inside zipper pocket.



Personally, I use these bags for my weekend trips out of town, when I fly and my favorite … when we head to the beach.  Full of sand?  Who cares … I throw it right in the washing machine when we get back home along with our beach towels and bathing suits.



The latest unique use?  A ‘Welcome To Your New Home’ gift from a Real Estate Broker.  I am flattered that she thought enough of my Reusable Grocery Bags to fill one with goodies for her client.

Reusable Grocery Bag in Nude Metallic – $19


Thank Y O U for inspiring me.

Share your ECO Chic pics with me on Instagram #ECOChic #MyEcoChicBag 

Kids Making A Difference

A few years ago my daughter’s preschool was looking for new ideas for teacher appreciation gifts.  Something fun and unique that the kids would make for their awesome teachers.

That sparked an idea.   I provided canvas tote bags for the children to paint.  Each tote was a collaborative project for the kids to create for their teachers.  The results were so gorgeous and inspirational.



From that day on, I wanted to create a kid’s craft box that allowed children to express their creativity through paint but would also provide them the experience of creating something that was helping others on a much bigger level … our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.  I wanted to grow awareness for them through a fun activity.

I decided to change the size and style of the tote bag to be more reflective of a traditional reusable grocery bag.   I hoped this would open the door for a conversation about waste and the importance recycling has on our environment, while giving them a platform to express themselves.  After a few renditions, I created the ECO Chic Canvas Reusable Grocery Bag.


Just last week, I officially launched the Kid’s “Paint Your Own Reusable Grocery Bag” Kit, and I have to say I’m a proud mama.  You can snag one for $19.99 on my Etsy shop.

After doing a lot of research (Definition – giving tons of these kits away to kids), I am constantly amazed at how unique and gorgeous each bag turns out.  So much so, that I’m launching a hashtag (#MyEcoChicBag) so that kids can post their finished products for all to see.


My daughter has painted lots of these bags and given them away.  They make the perfect unique gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter and of course, teachers!  They are also the perfect playdate activity that keeps them occupied without tearing your house apart.  (your welcome)  Need some party favors for your kids next birthday?   Done!


Here’s the kicker.  The people that get these bags as gifts love them.  They use them and when they do, I see so much pride in each child’s face.  That’s priceless for me.  (I’ve got the gooseys!)

Why stop at kids?  Why not stretch your artist legs and create your very own, completely unique reusable grocery bag?   Are you up for the challenge?

My ECO Chic Paint Your Own Reusable Grocery Bag Kits.  A true labor of love.



The Dreaded Zipper

Zippers are scary.  Well, not when your zipping them up on your dress or bag … unless you unknowingly get a piece of your skin caught in the zipper teeth and than “OUCH!” (You know you’ve done it)

But as a sewer learning how to properly insert a zipper, it can be daunting in the beginning.  My first attempt left my garment with a zipper that wasn’t even and exposed in all of the wrong places.  My second attempt had the zipper properly placed but it was bulky and my stitching lines were less than straight.  At that point I vowed that all of my projects — including clothes — would have to be fastened with velcro.  (Velcro jeans anyone?  How about a dress you just velcro down the back?  Any takers?)  Yeah, that was the problem.  Zippers are a staple in clothing and accessories and I definitely needed them for my accessory line.

Of course I could outsource my product production to someone else.  A zipper master.  And that’s exactly what I did in the beginning for my CarryAll Totes.


But than that little nagging voice in my head began taunting me.  Letting me know that I had been beaten … by a zipper.  (Shame)

Well, that simply wouldn’t do.

All of the sewing classes I had taken had failed to show me good basic techniques on zipper insertion.  The instructions were quick paced and unforgiving.  God forbid I had a question or asked them to repeat something.  Discouraged to say the least.

Apparently learning and mastering this technique was landing squarely on my shoulders. (Enter grit)

First stop.  YouTube.  The mecca of people ready to set up their video cameras and create tutorials on everything imaginable.  How to sew in a zipper had no shortage of videos.  Some great and some mediocre but a schlew to choose from.

It turns out that sewing in a zipper was more hype that I created in my head than the actual process.  After studying the videos and a few practice runs, I had it down in no time.

Now my imagination and designs could run wild.

Enter the Zip Pouch.


The concept?  (After all, if you know how to sew you an easily sew your own zip pouch)  Gorgeous fabrics and linings in the ideal size to hold everything from your phone, money, and keys, to your cosmetics, iPad and Mac Books … plus whatever else you can think of.  The perfect accessory to carry alone or insert into your Urban Shopping Tote – keeping your valuables stylishly at hand.

I launched the collection with a Turquoise Faux Leather Pouch because I simply could not wait to unveil my new collection.  You can pre-order these pouches at a special discounted price on my Etsy shop now.  They currently come in two sizes however an even larger size (large enough to hold a Mac Book Computer) is coming shortly.  Be on the look out for a variety of new fabrics that are sure to knock your socks off.


My lesson?  Try, try, and try again.

And never be afraid of a little piece of metal with teeth.