My Nail Fix

I’ve decided my nails have multiple personality disorder.

Some days, they are strong, healthy, long.  They look amazing.  Others, they are weak and cracking which ultimately leads me to cut them all down really short and start all over again.

I don’t get it.  I use “strengthening” polish.  I keep them moisturized.  I eat healthy (for the most part) and my life is (somewhat) stress free.  Why the constant shift in attitude?

On a recent trip to my local general store I decided to purchase what I hoped to be a fix for my weak and chipped nails.   After browsing the nail polish section I decided to purchase NailMedic by Pretty Woman.   I selected Force Field – nail hardener and protector – hoping that this would whip my nails back into shape.  “A unique nail-hardening complex that instantly hydrates and stabilizes soft, weak nails while forming a shield of protection from external stress and damage. Infused with Keratin Protein, Bio-Minerals, and Vitamin E. This treatment will condition, toughen and protect the nail, improving its structure to help reduce breakage.”  OK – SOLD!


I rush home.  Rip open the packaging and apply the creamy texture onto my nails.  Instantly and I mean instantly my nails transform.  They look amazing already – healthy and strong.  They feel that way too.

The next day I apply another coat.  Stronger.  Healthier.  I think I can actually feel them drinking in the nutrients, kind of like a pressed juice for my nails.  I swear I hear the faintest “thank you” coming from my fingertips.

There is a whole line of products that promise to provide optimal results for healthier, stronger and longer nails.  From what I’ve seen so far, I believe it and plan to try other products like Growth Factor (which provide nutrition with keratin, calcium and argan oil) and the Nail Detox (with ingredients like witch hazel and lemon extract its supposed to prep and clean your nail for polish like nothing else)


They also have mini-kits designs to repair, strengthen and protect.  These look like perfect stocking stuffer gifts to me.  (Yes, I’m getting a little ahead of myself)

And of course, keeping those cuticles moisturized and healthy is uber important for the nails.  They have a bunch of products that will help with that too.

So … no matter what your nail’s attitude is, I suggest checking out the products by Nail Medic.  It’s therapy for your nails … without the hefty price tag.