A Gift? For Moi?

Remember a while back I wrote a piece on Mamabu Box?  (That’s creative short for “Mama Be You” in case you didn’t know)   My Zip Pouches were (proudly) part of the first ever subscription box that was shipped to women across the country.

Well, I was so excited to learn that my name was drawn as a winner for the July subscription box that was all about beautifying the digits and some inspirational words.  Me?  A winner?  I never … well, never say ‘never’ … almost never win anything.

No let’s get this straight.  Everyone loves getting a box in the mail.   What’s even better is when that box is filled with little treasures that are just for you.  Not for the kiddos.  Not for the pets.  Not something you purchased as a gift for so and so’s birthday.  A box of goodies just for you.  Little surprises that will make you feel special.

That’s the theory behind the Mamabu Box subscription.  I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with my goodies.  That’s right… mitts off .. they are mine.  🙂


FullSizeRender 2


When I opened the box right on top were inspirational words that immediately made me feel empowered.  That post card is now taped to my mirror so I read it every day.  Turns out they are postcards from #themomcardmovement   Simple postcards.  Powerful words.  If you want to snag some of these cards you need to email them at themomcardmovement@gmail.com

Once I tore open the pink tissue paper (yes, I’m one of those that tear it open) I was so happy to find ….

FullSizeRender 3

… a little hand and feet pampering action.  First up – Wildflower Beauty by Jessica.   The Lavender Hand Cream is wonderful but the Cuticle Balm is killer!  My hands and nails look amazing already.

There is a great summer-color lacquer for my nails from LAW Beauty Essentials and nail wraps from Jamberry.   Also a great little “Bucket List” card from Intentionally Designed. (think journals, notebooks, cards, etc.)  Of course, you can’t overlook the inspiration words and challenge by the Mamabu founder, Kelley.

Thoughtful little somethings carefully selected to make you feel special.  Now that’s something every woman needs in her life.

If you’re not already a subscriber, you might want to click on over to the site and check it out.  You never know what’s in the August box ….



3 thoughts on “A Gift? For Moi?

  1. Kelley at Mamabu Box

    Thank you so much for the kind words!!! You definitely deserved a little treat. Also, our next theme ships in September, but….if anyone is interested in receiving the July box that you featured, they can still sign up by July 20th AND use the code MAMABU07 for $7 off 🙂


  2. Jessica

    Thank you so much for the great words about my products!! (Hand Creme and Cuticle Balm) I’m so happy you like them and already have seen results!! ❤
    Hope you check out my other products at wildflowerbeautybyjessica.com


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