Move Over Kid, I Want To Color

As a child I remember the smell of a new box of crayons.  As I cracked open the top, the scent of Crayola wafted into the air.  My eyes gleamed as I scanned the variety of colors not knowing which one to pick first.  Would it robin’s egg blue … wild strawberry … or something more standard like sunset orange.

There’s something about coloring that transcends you to another space.  The melodic back and forth of the crayon is almost hypnotizing as your colorful masterpiece unfolds right before your eyes.

Combine that with my love of fashion and I’m hooked for hours.   I’m suddenly a fashion designer creating the couture fall collection ready to hit the runways in Paris and Milan.

Last November Vogue realized that adult coloring books were all the rage and they launched the Vogue Colouring Book that featured hand-drawn designs taken right from the fashion pages of the 1950’s.  Think Dior ball gowns and Chanel suits.   All right at your fingertips waiting for you to add your colorful touches.


Clearly it was a hit because Vogue is now launching the Vogue Goes Pop edition including 60’s inspired psychedelic patterns with a hint of hippie.




The colouring book will be available for sale next week.


Go channel your inner child, grab a box of crayons and color.

You can even color outside the lines.


2 thoughts on “Move Over Kid, I Want To Color

  1. ecochictotes

    Hi Abbie,
    OMG thank you so much! That means so much to me … that someone out there is actually reading (and enjoying) my pieces. I checked out the Sunshine Award and I love it. I will work on getting those answers posted and nominating more bloggers. So much fun!
    Thanks again for reading!


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