ECO Chic + Mamabu Box

Here’s the deal.  Head on over to Mamabu Box and enter code “PREMIER20” to get 20% off your subscription.

Subscription to what?

Well – a monthly box of goodies that are perfectly designed for the busy mom or any woman that needs to start taking better care of themselves.  You know who you are .. the woman that rarely does anything for yourself because you’re too busy taking care of everyone and everything else.

And let’s face it .. without you .. the rest will slowly fall apart.

That’s why I love Mamabu Box.  Your monthly subscription will contain 4-6 items based on a theme or activity that encourages you to practice “self-care”.  The pretty box will arrive right at your doorstep each month.  It’s like Christmas 12 months a year.

Here’s your sneak peek inside the first Mambu Box set to arrive in June.    That’s right .. the ECO Chic Zipper Pouch in Turquoise Faux Leather.   The perfect fashionable zipper pouch for your keys – money – phone – lipgloss and your must-have grab and go item.  Perfect for your tote, gym bag, beach bag or travel tote.  The turquoise is super hot for summer fashion and you’ll be happy to know that it’s 100% washable.



Today’s the last day to head on over and snag 20% off your subscription.

I KNOW you’re worth it.



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