Summer Dresses 101

I’m a busy person.  Much like yourself, I have too many balls in the air and my goal each day is to avoid dropping too many of them.

I have the pleasure of working from home, so I get to avoid the traffic-laden commute that many have to bear.  My days start early as I usher my little one off to school and than start my work marathon of assorted jobs before I head back to school to collect my little nugget.  Than I put on my “mom cap” for a few hours before I switch back to my “entrepreneur cap” after she hits the sack.   Exhausting?  Yes!   But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well …. : )

There are many pluses to working from a home office but one downfall is clothing.  You can easily fall into that “I’ll just throw on anything comfortable look” because nobody is going to see me …. other than the moms at school drop off & pick up.  (I’ve seen some crazy get-ups sported by other moms … who I’m convinced do not have a single mirror hanging in their home)

That’s when I stopped and paused … I’m not going to be “that” person.  You know – the person that goes out in public with ratty pajamas or sweats on and hair that hasn’t seen a comb in days.   Who cares that I work from home?  Who cares that most of the time the only one that sees me is a 90 pound German Shepherd that lays by my feet munching on a bone.  I refuse to let myself “go” just because I have a home office.

So I made it a priority to ensure that each day, I get dressed so that should a Mr. George Clooney happen to knock on my front door, I wouldn’t be embarrassed for him to see me.

I decided that one of the easiest ways to dress with a look that is comfortable, casual, yet put together is a dress.  And warm weather screams the need for cute, comfy dresses that can easily transfer from office to school to playground to dinner out.

One of my favorite places to shop is Zara.  It’s trendy.  It’s moderately priced.  It’s fashionable.

On a recent trip, I snagged a few cute pieces for my little girl and treated myself to an awesome denim dress, which is now my go-to dress during the week.  Easy to wear paired with wedges, sandals, or my new gray Vans sneakers.

Here are some of my other favs from Zara which just might make it into my rotation sooner rather than later.

How cute is this Frilled Denim Dress ($50)  Girly, easy to wear and perfect with a pair of wedges



I love this white Contrast Lace Jacquard Dress ($100)  Perfect for those summertime backyard parties.  Paired with some glitzy flat sandals and a sunhat.  Classy.



Every woman should own a shirt dress.  I LOVE this Lace-Up Shirt Dress ($50) in classic navy.  Great details.  Easy to wear day or night.



Feeling romantic?   This Dress with Lace Hem is the perfect amount of boho + romance ($60)



Summer dresses means florals!  This Print Dress ($70) is awesome.  Something you can wear and feel feminine and sexy just about anywhere …



This Sateen Dress ($40) is so versatile.  Wear it as is or pair it with some faux leather leggings for a super cute day event.  Throw on sexy heels & jewelry for the perfect going out-on-the-town dress




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