Be A Sun Bum

Ever since I was little I savored the summer days that were filled with outdoor fun and the smell of Coppertone sunblock.  It was the Coopertone QT tanning lotion in a white bottle and very little SPF.    That was the smell of summer.



And who could forget that adorable little girl that represented the company?



As an adult, with my own little sun bathing beauty to care for (complete with pigtails & ribbons) I was sticking with my favorite brand and I must admit, it was strictly for that intoxicating smell.

But, I’ve moved on.  I’ve grown up.  I’m not living in the past anymore.

I’ve become a Sun Bum.   (enter monkey face with shades)


What’s the first thing that drew me to Sun Bum?  You guessed it … the aroma.  Think Pina Colada + Warm Sand + Ocean Waves.  Combine that and you’ll smell that intoxicating aroma.  I mean intoxicating.  I swear, when I close my eyes and take a whiff I am instantly transported to a tropical island where my very hunky waiter is serving me a delicious tropical concoction.  I keep a tube on my desk and whenever I’m feeling stressed, I snap open the top and take a long deep breath.  (that and it reminds me to apply it before heading outside)

So that’s the superficial reason I love Sun Bum.  Here’s the logical reason.   Amazing product that really protects you sans all of the chemicals.  After all, you are smothering your entire body with this product.

Let me highlight some things for you.  Vegan.  Gluten Free.  Dermatologist tested.  Cruelty free.  Recyclable.  Paraben free.  Antioxidant enriched.   Water resistant.  It offers both UVA and UVB protection too.   They can’t say they are “organic” because they use a mix of both organic and inorganic sunscreens in their products, according to FDA, SCF, and ACS regulations and recommendations.  This allows them to provide you the utmost natural sun protection there is.

Not sold yet?  Let me keep going ….

There’s a variety of SPFs – everything from 15 to 70.  You’re sure to find a product that fits your needs.  They’ve got it all including sunscreen, sunless tanning towelettes, face sticks, zinc oxide, after sun lotion, lip balm (in a variety of delicious flavors), and of course, baby bum.

They also have a great variety of hair products to protect those luscious locks.  Think conditioners, sea sprays and their beach formula.

I love their lifestyle section where you can grab some cool gear that sports their adorable monkey logo.


So farewell Coppertone.  It’s been real … but there’s a new sunscreen in town.  I’ve switched and I’m never looking back.


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