Celebrate Earth Day 2016

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

Every day.  Every time. 

Earth Day 2016

You have the power to make a difference in this world.   No matter how small and insignificant it may feel to you … it’s not.

Eliminating the use of single use bags is a simple and easy way to make a difference.  Whether your city has banned the bag or not, it’s up to you to take the first step.

Make a pledge to never again, use a plastic or paper bag when you’re shopping, whether it’s at the grocery store, your local pharmacy or your favorite clothing store.

What can that really accomplish?   You will be reducing the amount of environmental impact it takes to make those plastic and paper bags.  And quite possibly, you could be the difference between a marine animal ingesting a plastic bag and dying … or swimming happily in a cleaner ocean.

Yes, one single bag can kill a sea animal.  

Whatever your motivation is …. cleaning up the oceans for our wildlife … creating a healthier planet for our children … reducing the impact on our environment … or just following the crowd …. make a pact to take a step towards a brighter future.

My entire store is on sale.  20% off everything in honor of Earth Day 2016.  

That means a handmade Reusable Grocery Bag is just $12.80. (it’s machine washable too)  Most people spend more than that on their coffee fix for the week.   If you live in a city that charges for paper bags, how much do you spend on them in a month?  Imagine getting that money back as a credit on your grocery bill because you bring your own grocery bag?  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.  


It means my handmade Urban Shopping Totes are just $36.  (The small size replaces 2-3 single use bags, it folds and is 100% machine washable)  This universal tote works amazingly well as a reusable shopper bag, but it also doubles as your beach tote, travel tote, gym bag, park bag and your weekend get-away bag.    Carry it as your everyday tote and you’ll never forget your reusable shopping bag again.


Not in love with my bags?  That’s fine.  But find a reusable bag that you love and start using it.  Everyday.  Every time

It’s up to us.  It’s up to you, to start making an impact and reverse the damage that we have been doing to this planet.  Our children, our wildlife, our planet, and yes, YOU, deserve a healthier, cleaner planet to live on.

Start today, before it’s too late.  

Celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22, 2016.  Make this the year you make a big difference to this great amazing planet we share.


Be A Sun Bum

Ever since I was little I savored the summer days that were filled with outdoor fun and the smell of Coppertone sunblock.  It was the Coopertone QT tanning lotion in a white bottle and very little SPF.    That was the smell of summer.



And who could forget that adorable little girl that represented the company?



As an adult, with my own little sun bathing beauty to care for (complete with pigtails & ribbons) I was sticking with my favorite brand and I must admit, it was strictly for that intoxicating smell.

But, I’ve moved on.  I’ve grown up.  I’m not living in the past anymore.

I’ve become a Sun Bum.   (enter monkey face with shades)


What’s the first thing that drew me to Sun Bum?  You guessed it … the aroma.  Think Pina Colada + Warm Sand + Ocean Waves.  Combine that and you’ll smell that intoxicating aroma.  I mean intoxicating.  I swear, when I close my eyes and take a whiff I am instantly transported to a tropical island where my very hunky waiter is serving me a delicious tropical concoction.  I keep a tube on my desk and whenever I’m feeling stressed, I snap open the top and take a long deep breath.  (that and it reminds me to apply it before heading outside)

So that’s the superficial reason I love Sun Bum.  Here’s the logical reason.   Amazing product that really protects you sans all of the chemicals.  After all, you are smothering your entire body with this product.

Let me highlight some things for you.  Vegan.  Gluten Free.  Dermatologist tested.  Cruelty free.  Recyclable.  Paraben free.  Antioxidant enriched.   Water resistant.  It offers both UVA and UVB protection too.   They can’t say they are “organic” because they use a mix of both organic and inorganic sunscreens in their products, according to FDA, SCF, and ACS regulations and recommendations.  This allows them to provide you the utmost natural sun protection there is.

Not sold yet?  Let me keep going ….

There’s a variety of SPFs – everything from 15 to 70.  You’re sure to find a product that fits your needs.  They’ve got it all including sunscreen, sunless tanning towelettes, face sticks, zinc oxide, after sun lotion, lip balm (in a variety of delicious flavors), and of course, baby bum.

They also have a great variety of hair products to protect those luscious locks.  Think conditioners, sea sprays and their beach formula.

I love their lifestyle section where you can grab some cool gear that sports their adorable monkey logo.


So farewell Coppertone.  It’s been real … but there’s a new sunscreen in town.  I’ve switched and I’m never looking back.

Prepping for the Red Poppy Festival

Working 14 hour + days, placing last minute supply orders, and enlisting the help of every family member and friend I know … I’m busy prepping for the Annual Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Texas.


Think three days of handmade arts & crafts by local artisans that are hand selected for this event, combined with food, amazing music, parades, family activities and so much more.   It’s a huge event for our quaint little town and I for one am thrilled to be part of it.

But that means working like a dog until showtime.  (That’s such a funny expression because all I ever see my dog do is lay around and snooze … except for when he’s playing ball.)


Anyone who stops by Booth #704 is sure to find some of my oldies (but goodies) like my infamous Gray Snakeskin & Nude Metallic Urban Shopping Totes, which always sell out super quick.


There’s a large variety of Canvas Reusable Grocery Bags, including one especially made to show off your Texas pride.  (I had to!  Texans are very proud)


I will be showcasing my new line of Zipper Pouches with a lot more styles that I currently have on my website.  They come in three sizes and will hold everything from your phone, keys and credit cards to your iPad.  Match one to your Urban Shopping Tote or go for a new style.


Lastly, I’m excited to launch my ECO Chic Kit.  Everything you need to creatively help save the planet and design your very own, very unique Reusable Shopping Tote.


Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking bout all that still needs to get done.   I’m doing the last minute sewing scramble where basically I reside behind my trusty Juki sewing machine until it’s go-time.

That’s my behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to prep for a art & craft show.

A Big Win for Hens #CageFreeEggs

On April 5, 2016 the Humane Society United States excitedly reported some compelling news for hens.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer and biggest food seller in America announced that by 2025 they will source 100% of their eggs from cage-free sources.  This will apply to their Canadian stores too.

Needless to say, a huge victory for the HSUS, who has been working on this for over a decade and more importantly, for the hens.

Walmart is joining a growing list of restaurants and retailers that are demanding more from their egg sources, based on public pressure and proof of the inhumane conditions that hens (and other farm animals) have been forced to live in year after year.

What does this mean?  A big change will have to be made by the egg sources in how they treat their hens and the conditions in which they are raised.   It will also put pressure on more retailers and restaurants to follow suit.

But it shouldn’t stop with the eggs.  We need to continue plowing forward and putting more and more pressure on factory farmers and the shameful conditions that American farm animals are raised in.   Animals that eventually find their way into your grocery stores and onto your tables.

Back in 2014, Craig Watts, a factory farmer for Purdue, invited in an animal advocacy film crew to show the real conditions of a chicken factory farm.   Despite claims that the chicken you are purchasing at your grocery store is coming from a “natural” source, these chickens live out their lives in deplorable conditions.  Often sick, sometimes abused and more than likely walking around with broken body parts.  You can watch the full video here.

You can help speak out for the chickens and all farm animals by joining and supporting the  Compassion in World Farming organization.   The CIWF is out there every day working hard to grow public awareness and make a difference to these animals.

Just as you spoke out for the hens, (bask in the glow of this huge victory) please take a moment to speak out for all other farm animals.  And if you didn’t, now is the time to start.  Not only are you helping those without a voice, live out their lives in a comfortable and enjoyable way, but your demanding better food for you and your family.

Your voice does make a difference.   #animalrights 



The Every Classy, Trench Coat

The Trench Coat, developed roughly 100 years before World War I, has become an iconic staple in most closets.  What’s so fascinating is that despite being more than 100 years old, it’s classic shape and style can still be seen even with the touch of today’s fashion trends.

Originally made for military use, hence the name “trench” coat, it wasn’t until 1917 civilians of both sexes started sporting these coats on their city streets.


The signature manufacturer of these coats?  None other than the luxury British brand, Burberry.



Fast forward to circa 2016 most everyone has some form of a trench coat hanging in their closets.   What’s trending for spring?   Here’s some of my favorites.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Single Breasted Trench    Classic color with an updated look



The Sandringham – Long Heritage Trench Coat from Burberry.    Comes in a variety of colors and you can also get it monogrammed



The Twill Trench Coat from French Connection  I love the softer color of this coat


London Fog is another popular name in trench coats and I really l like this Polka Dot Single Breasted style
Vera Wang Valencia Trench.  Classic style with updated flare
I would be remiss without mentioning TopShop’s Double Breasted Trench
There you have it.  The abbreviated story about the classic trench coat.
What is your trench style?