The Possibilities Are Endless

When I started my company back in 2012 the idea was to create a reusable shopping bag that people would want to carry.  Something big, sturdy, washable and of course, fashionable.

Over the years I have added new new designs and collections but the foundation remained true.

Where do I get my inspiration?  From you.  My customers.

It’s true.  What started out as a simple idea was taken and broadened by the very people that are using my bags.   I have found that Moms L O V E these totes because they use them to cart around all of their kids’ stuff.  (… and let’s face it … kids have a LOT of stuff!) 



Customers that travel a lot wanted a zipper pocket and a bag with more structure than the Urban Shopping Tote.  That’s where I got the idea for the CarryAll Tote, made from faux leather and a unique lining, complete with inside zipper pocket.



Personally, I use these bags for my weekend trips out of town, when I fly and my favorite … when we head to the beach.  Full of sand?  Who cares … I throw it right in the washing machine when we get back home along with our beach towels and bathing suits.



The latest unique use?  A ‘Welcome To Your New Home’ gift from a Real Estate Broker.  I am flattered that she thought enough of my Reusable Grocery Bags to fill one with goodies for her client.

Reusable Grocery Bag in Nude Metallic – $19


Thank Y O U for inspiring me.

Share your ECO Chic pics with me on Instagram #ECOChic #MyEcoChicBag 


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