How To Wash Your Hair (I’m not kidding)

Add soap.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

That’s what you’ve been taught since you were a wee-little one.  This is how to wash your hair.  Seems pretty simple right?

Well, I hate to break it to you … but you’ve been doing it wrong all of this time.  (You can blame this one on your parents)

We’ve all done it.  Scrubbed our scalps hard to get it really clean.  We’ve  piled on the shampoo because more is better, right?  And than we rinse and do it all over again to ensure squeaky clean locks.  And don’t get me started on that ice cold rinse to make your hair shine. (@#!&* that’s cold!)

Guess what?  All of that is actually doing more damage to your hair than good.

So how should you wash your hair?  Let’s break it down in steps.

Step 1:  Rinse with warm water

Sounds simple right?  I’m pretty sure we are all starting with this step.  The warm water will help to loose up the dirt and oil thats on your scalp.  And, it feels so darn good

Step 2:  Long locks?  Condition first

Just a dab of conditioner on the ends of your long hair will keep the ends from breaking during the shampoo cycle

Step 3:  Lather … gently 

Just a quarter-sized drop of shampoo is all you need.  Gently later at the scalp (where the oil & dirt sit) and gently work your way to the ends.  Scrubbing hard only leads to frizz and breakage. (baaddd!)   And those ends?  Be gentle!   Squeeze the shampoo through them.  They are very fragile … like a baby bird.

Be sure to select a shampoo for your hair type.  It’s also suggested to use a clarifying shampoo at least once every other week.  I love Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Shampoo

And stop washing your hair every day.  It’s best to skip a day (or two).  That’s what ponytails and buns are for


Step 4:  Rinse & repeat.  N O !

Enough said. 

Step 5:  Condition

Squeeze the excess water from your hair and than apply your conditioner, from the middle of the hair down to the tips.  Putting it on the roots will only weigh your hair down.  Run the conditioner through every strand of your hair either with your fingers or a looper brush.  Than leave it in while you finish your shower.  This will give your hair a chance to soak up all of that yummy goodness

Step 6:  Rinse

Years ago we were told that rinsing with ice cold water would close the hair cuticle and allow for brilliant shine.  Well .. I think the person that wrote that just wanted everyone to go through the pain of blasting ice cold water on their naked bodies.  This step is apparently false.  The cuticle doesn’t open and close that easily

That’s your lesson for today.  If you need to bring a cheat sheet into the shower with you .. just make sure it’s wrapped in water-proof paper

Happy shampooing!





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