Charcoal + Sugar = Beautiful Skin

With each passing year it seems we get bombarded with fads in beauty products.  New ingredients that promise younger, tighter, firmer, cleaner, and glowing skin.  In fact you’re skin will be so amazing with that “must-have-beauty-product” that it will rival a newborn baby’s complexion.

Yeah …  we’ve all heard that before.

But there is one ingredient that made a splash on the beauty scene around 2014 that is holding true to it’s claim.  Activated charcoal.

So what exactly is activated charcoal?   Well, it’s been widely used in the medical industry to trap and absorb toxins.  (think stomach pump)

But in the beauty industry activated charcoal is like an irresistibly attractive man with bulging muscles.  (Take a second and go there in your mind … 🙂  

See charcoal is like an irresistible magnet that attracts dirt and oil.  Charcoal is known as the heavier lifter – absorbing 100-200 times it’s weight in impurities.

What does that mean for your pores?  Dirt doesn’t stand chance of resisting the pull of your charcoal product.  Charcoal products offer a deep clean like no other.

As I’ve mentioned in a past blog piece Are You A Drugstore Beauty there is one activated charcoal product that I am passionate about.

the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask Here is why this product is so great.


First, it deep cleans those pore sans drying out your skin.  After you apply the mask you can actually feel the dirt being pulled out of your face.  It’s a slight tickling and warming sensation on your skin. The texture of the mask actually changes and becomes like warm slush.   After about 7 minutes you than activate the ‘sugar’ part of the mask by gently exfoliating those dull cells away.  Your left with skin that is super clean and soft.  You can actually feel your pores wide opening breathing all that fresh air.

Here’s the other reason I love this product … the price.   Under $5.00.  Yup – you read that right.  A product that produces amazing results without costing you a fortune.

So get to the store … no … RUN to the store because you really do need this scrub in your arsenal of beauty products.




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