Kids Making A Difference

A few years ago my daughter’s preschool was looking for new ideas for teacher appreciation gifts.  Something fun and unique that the kids would make for their awesome teachers.

That sparked an idea.   I provided canvas tote bags for the children to paint.  Each tote was a collaborative project for the kids to create for their teachers.  The results were so gorgeous and inspirational.



From that day on, I wanted to create a kid’s craft box that allowed children to express their creativity through paint but would also provide them the experience of creating something that was helping others on a much bigger level … our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.  I wanted to grow awareness for them through a fun activity.

I decided to change the size and style of the tote bag to be more reflective of a traditional reusable grocery bag.   I hoped this would open the door for a conversation about waste and the importance recycling has on our environment, while giving them a platform to express themselves.  After a few renditions, I created the ECO Chic Canvas Reusable Grocery Bag.


Just last week, I officially launched the Kid’s “Paint Your Own Reusable Grocery Bag” Kit, and I have to say I’m a proud mama.  You can snag one for $19.99 on my Etsy shop.

After doing a lot of research (Definition – giving tons of these kits away to kids), I am constantly amazed at how unique and gorgeous each bag turns out.  So much so, that I’m launching a hashtag (#MyEcoChicBag) so that kids can post their finished products for all to see.


My daughter has painted lots of these bags and given them away.  They make the perfect unique gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter and of course, teachers!  They are also the perfect playdate activity that keeps them occupied without tearing your house apart.  (your welcome)  Need some party favors for your kids next birthday?   Done!


Here’s the kicker.  The people that get these bags as gifts love them.  They use them and when they do, I see so much pride in each child’s face.  That’s priceless for me.  (I’ve got the gooseys!)

Why stop at kids?  Why not stretch your artist legs and create your very own, completely unique reusable grocery bag?   Are you up for the challenge?

My ECO Chic Paint Your Own Reusable Grocery Bag Kits.  A true labor of love.




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