The Dreaded Zipper

Zippers are scary.  Well, not when your zipping them up on your dress or bag … unless you unknowingly get a piece of your skin caught in the zipper teeth and than “OUCH!” (You know you’ve done it)

But as a sewer learning how to properly insert a zipper, it can be daunting in the beginning.  My first attempt left my garment with a zipper that wasn’t even and exposed in all of the wrong places.  My second attempt had the zipper properly placed but it was bulky and my stitching lines were less than straight.  At that point I vowed that all of my projects — including clothes — would have to be fastened with velcro.  (Velcro jeans anyone?  How about a dress you just velcro down the back?  Any takers?)  Yeah, that was the problem.  Zippers are a staple in clothing and accessories and I definitely needed them for my accessory line.

Of course I could outsource my product production to someone else.  A zipper master.  And that’s exactly what I did in the beginning for my CarryAll Totes.


But than that little nagging voice in my head began taunting me.  Letting me know that I had been beaten … by a zipper.  (Shame)

Well, that simply wouldn’t do.

All of the sewing classes I had taken had failed to show me good basic techniques on zipper insertion.  The instructions were quick paced and unforgiving.  God forbid I had a question or asked them to repeat something.  Discouraged to say the least.

Apparently learning and mastering this technique was landing squarely on my shoulders. (Enter grit)

First stop.  YouTube.  The mecca of people ready to set up their video cameras and create tutorials on everything imaginable.  How to sew in a zipper had no shortage of videos.  Some great and some mediocre but a schlew to choose from.

It turns out that sewing in a zipper was more hype that I created in my head than the actual process.  After studying the videos and a few practice runs, I had it down in no time.

Now my imagination and designs could run wild.

Enter the Zip Pouch.


The concept?  (After all, if you know how to sew you an easily sew your own zip pouch)  Gorgeous fabrics and linings in the ideal size to hold everything from your phone, money, and keys, to your cosmetics, iPad and Mac Books … plus whatever else you can think of.  The perfect accessory to carry alone or insert into your Urban Shopping Tote – keeping your valuables stylishly at hand.

I launched the collection with a Turquoise Faux Leather Pouch because I simply could not wait to unveil my new collection.  You can pre-order these pouches at a special discounted price on my Etsy shop now.  They currently come in two sizes however an even larger size (large enough to hold a Mac Book Computer) is coming shortly.  Be on the look out for a variety of new fabrics that are sure to knock your socks off.


My lesson?  Try, try, and try again.

And never be afraid of a little piece of metal with teeth.


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