Pretty Little Phone Cases

Everywhere you look, people are looking down at their smart phones.  They are either texting, Pinning, Tweeting, posting Instagram pics, checking Facebook, taking a selfie or talking on the phone.  In fact, I find it rare these days that someone isn’t walking around with their phone in their hands.  (I for one try to boycott this but I have been known to snap an Instagram photo or respond to a text while out and about.)

So with all of this attention you pay to your smart phone, it only follows suit that your phone case should be as fashionable as you.

Enter Casetify.  Your go-to site for everything electronic protection.   Need a sleeve for your Mac?  Check.   Fancy case for your Android?  They’ve got you covered.  Oh – you’re a Samsung chick?  There’s something for you too.

My favorite?  The Paper Fashion Collection.   For $40 you can score a gorgeous and tres chic phone case that has as much style as the audience of a Paris Fashion Week Runway show.


I’m also digging their Spring Collection.  Bright pops of color … gorgeous florals … hints of fashion … and some sweet treats to keep you cool.


Did you jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon?  They’ve got you covered there too.  Snazzy bands in a variety of styles and colors.  Want to design your own?  They can do that too.


I told you.  Casetify has it all.  Now you’re electronic devices will be as stylish as you.


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