My Hair Secret … Clip Ons (Ssshhh)

After having a tough 2 years I’ve finally came out of a really long, dark tunnel and started a bright new life in a new state … the Lone Star State that is.  For me it is the land of milk & honey, where I can dream big (because everything IS bigger in Texas) and start all over again.

I always dreamed of having a head full of long, thick locks, but alas it’s not my fate.  That is until my amazing sisters decided to buy me something for my birthday that would make me feel more beautiful and help me in my fresh start.  The bought me a clip on.

Clip on hair extensions that is and I have to say I love, love, love them!   It’s like putting on a new lipstick – refreshing, exciting and it makes you feel spectacular.

Human hair extensions are an easy (and fun) way to change up your look and make you feel glamourous.  I got mine at Sally Beauty where they sell a wide variety of extensions – both human hair and synthetic.   For under $125 I scored gorgeous 18″ extensions that were the exact color blend of my nature hair.  In fact when I wear them people can’t believe it isn’t my own hair.

My biggest question was how to properly care for my new extensions.  After all, you pay good money for them so you want them to last.

After much research here’s a summation of how to care for your human hair extensions. (Synthetic extensions require different care so do your research)


Washing … 

  • Wash after using 4-5 times, or when they appear dull.  Over washing will only shorten the life of your extensions
  • Remove all tangles before you begin washing them, using a detangling spray if necessary.  The best brush?  A looper brush, like this one I found on Milk + Blush 
  • Gently wash your extensions (removed from your head) with a shampoo designed for dry or damaged  hair.   Use gentle downward stroked being sure not to scrub or twist the hair.  


Conditioning … 

Drying … 

  • You may be tempted to blow-dry your extensions however the best drying method is to place them flat on a towel and let them air dry 
  • Make sure that they are tangle free before drying.   Use your fingers, not a brush


Styling & Storage … 

  • Your hair extensions should be fun!  Try new styles and experiment.   You can even use curling irons, just be sure to use a heat-protection product and have your iron on the lowest setting to avoid damage
  • It’s best to store your extensions in the plastic container they came with or even in an old shoe box.  Detangle them, lay them flat and put them away until you use them again

Definite No Nos …. 

  • Never I repeat never brush your extensions while they are wet.  You will damage the hair
  • Detangle your extensions starting from the ends and work your way up.  I always detangle mine before attaching them to my head
  • Want to change the color?  That’s fine, but leave it to a professional
  • Don’t swim with your extensions.  The chemicals or salt water will ultimately damage them.
  • Don’t use UV protection protects on them as they will damage the hair
  • Don’t sleep in your extensions
  • Never store your extensions while they are still wet


There you have it.  Whether you dream of having thick hair, long hair, or anything in between, you might want to look into getting clip on extensions.  You’ll be surprised at just how amazing you feel with them in.




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