Hot Oscar Trend: Dangling Earrings

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night you saw a parade of celebrities sporting the very best in clothes, shoes, make up and of course, jewelry.

One trend we definitely saw were gorgeous dangling earrings.  I for one can get behind this trend.   There’s nothing like a pair of sparkling danglers to glam up your outfit.



So I spent part of yesterday surfing the internet for some of my favorite danglers.   First stop:  Racked.  They conveniently put together a spread so you can buy and sport your very own.


Of course, I had to check out Etsy and see what my fellow shop owners had.  I found a pair of gold statement earrings from Greenperidot that I thought were diverse enough to be worn day or night with just the right amount of glam. ($30.50)



Of course, my research wouldn’t be complete without checking out Stella & Dot where I found this unique pair called Casablanca Chandeliers for $59.  Turns out they are actually 3 earrings in 1 because you can snap on pieces to convert them from studs to danglers.  Genius!



Click on over to Polyvore and peruse their selection.   There were so many colors, shapes and sizes I didn’t know where to begin … or end.


Needless to say there is a plethora of options out there at a variety of price points should you decide to sport this jewelry trend.

My style?  I love pairing glitzy glamorous danglers with my jeans and white t-shirts.  Than when I’m walking down the grocery aisle, I feel that much more fashionable. (Insert red carpet)


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