My Stitch Fix

I was waiting by the window like a kid sits and anxiously watches the dark night sky waiting for a glimpse at Santa’s sleigh.  Only my Santa was in a dark uniform and a baseball cap with the words FedEx printed on it.

Yup was the day my Stitch Fix box was scheduled to arrive.  My personal stylist was sending me style, in a box.

Hopeful and fearful, I couldn’t wait to see what my stylist Regina, paired for me.  I brought the box into my bedroom and carefully slit open the tape.


Ohhh… a small box.  Gotta be jewelry!   All of the items were neatly folded and sealed.  It was like Christmas.  There was even a style card with a personal note from my stylist.  She took the time to tell me why she picked each piece and how I could pair them together and wear them with the activities in my life. (nice touch)

Fool-proof instructions  let me know what to do if I decided to keep my items or return them, complete with a large addressed return envelope.   So far, I’m loving how simple Stitch Fix is making it for me.



So what did my box include?   Two tops, a pair of jeans, a suede swing skirt and a layering necklace.   I have to admit, when I first glanced at the clothes I wasn’t knocked-over-impressed as I thought I would be.  I held my breath a little as I slowly tried on the embroidered top.  After poking my head through the neck hole I was pleasantly surprised.  This top was awesome!  The fit was perfect.  Trendy, fashionable, yet a laid-back casual style I had grown to love while living in Southern California.  I tried the jeans on and again … surprised at how much I liked them.  (Lesson learned:  Don’t judge a piece of clothes until you try it on)  And so I tried on each and every piece, modeling them around my room and pairing them with other items in my closet.

They also included an itemized invoice that outlined the cost of each piece (they fitted nicely within my budget) and offered a 25% discount if I bought all 5 items.

Their  website has a great style gallery (inspiration) and a section where you can ask a stylist a fashion question.  (Where do I begin!?)

The verdict?  I kept some of the pieces from my style box and decided to return the others.  I will definitely be ordering another box soon (I can see how this can quickly become addicting).  I love how my stylist pushed me to try things I would have passed up in a store and never thought of buying.

Personal style is a click away.




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