The Ultimate Travel Tote

Kids are pretty small, right?    I have a six-year old girl who is 4′ tall and has the body of a dancer – long legs and a slender build.  She doesn’t take up much room.  In fact she and I can easily share a regularly sized seat .. which also gives me a chance to steal those snuggles I crave.

So why is it that these tiny people need so much STUFF?!?   Especially when there’s air travel involved.   I feel like nothing short of a pack mule, carting around her things.  I’m lucky if I get a zipper pouch full of my necessities.

Back in the day when I created the ECO Chic Carry All Tote I put it to the ultimate test on one of our trips to Texas.   Can I say lifesaver?!

I use two large Carry All Totes, one as my daughter’s carry on bag and one as my purse.  You would be amazed at the sheer amount of stuff I can put into these bags.  Everything from clothes, blankets, neck pillows, stuff friends (because we can never leave home without one) drawing materials, books, a few airplane “games” and of course food.  Than I pack mine with more food, magazines, toiletries, a stylish wrap, my electronics and of course my wallet.  The zipper inside pocket is excellent for things you don’t want getting lost.   The bags are flexible enough to easily be pushed under the seats in front of us.  Germs?  Dirt?  Not a problem – you can wipe the outside clean with a gentle cleanser.




It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I can actually fit in these totes.  Added bonus – I get compliments on them all of the time.

So now when we’re traveling, at least I’m a stylist looking pack mule.



2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Travel Tote

    • ecochictotes

      Hi there! Let me start by giving you the dimensions of the bag. It’s 26″H x 24.5″W x 17″D
      I emailed you a picture of the tote as well as the coupon code so you can take 20% off your purchase.


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