I <3 Stella & Dot Jewelry

I first met Stella & Dot at a trunk show at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.   I was shy at first.  I would glimpse at the eye catching jewelry that laid beautifully spread all over a table, but I wasn’t sure I would make a purchase.

Slowly making my way over to the table,  I was in awe at what I saw.  The gorgeous layering necklaces were the first to catch my eye.  Just the right amount of sparkle, yet casual enough that I could wear it with jeans during the day.


Then I saw the bracelets.  Simple designs combined with just the right amount of glam.  Versatile so I could use them both day and night.

At that point I was lost.  Lost in a myriad of jewelry anxiously trying to decide which pieces I wanted to make my own.   But I was fearful of the price.

My fears were put to rest when the Stella & Dot stylist came over and had me try on some pieces.  I was instantly hooked.  They looked even better on me than sitting on the table.   I was shocked to learn the prices were reasonable!   Totally affordable jewelry that makes a statement and will last.

Whenever I’m looking for a new piece of jewelry or shopping for a friend, this is my first stop because I know I will always find something amazing.

That night, I met my jewelry soulmate … and we are still happy together years later.


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