My Favorite Make Up Is …

I love makeup.

I don’t wear a ton of it, but I definitely have lots of lots of it properly stashed away in storage baskets.  There’s an array of colors, textures and products at my finger tips.  Actually my stash could probably rival a professional makeup artists’.

What I realized while browsing through my selection is that I’m a Tarte.  What I mean is, I love Tarte cosmetics.  Not only do they offer amazing colors but I love the staying power of these products.  I’m a busy person.  A single mom entrepreneur and I don’t have the time or money to waste on products that won’t last throughout my busy day at school, the office and the playground.

A while back I was watching a fall grunge makeup tutorial that I found on Popsugar by ReadySetGlamour.  It’s a great video on makeup application and what’s even better is the list of products that she sprinkles throughout the video.  My favorite find was my go-to foundation, Tarte Amazonian Clay   This stuff covers up everything, lasts all day and doesn’t feel too heavy or cake-y on your skin.  Added bonus – it’s SPF15.  I was never a foundation person until I used this product.  Now, I rarely leave home without.267


Another find is Tarte’s new Tartelette in Bloom eyeshadow palette.   12 super rich and long-lasting eyeshadows in clay colors.  Think desert sands and mountains.  There are 9 matte and 3 shimmery shades.  They blend great so you can easily get that smokey eye affect we all seek.  And did I mention they last all day?  I should know – I apply them when I wake up .. which is typically before the rooster crows.


And my favorite list wouldn’t be complete without a lip stain.  You guessed it, my preferred is a Tarte product again – LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint.  These lip stains glide on, moisturize and add just the right amount of color.  They also double as a great blush to give me that flushed looked.  My go-to colors are “Lucky” and “Hope”.



Boy, you would think I was getting paid by Tarte Cosmetics to promote their stuff!  But alas, I’m just a beauty blogger excited to share her list of favorite make up products so others can feel and look beautiful.

Like I said before, I’m a Tarte.

Do you have a favorite Tarte product?  Let me know …. I think I might have just a little room left in my make up basket.


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