Etsy Shop + Macys = Wow!

I was super excited to learn that Macys in Herald Square has opened up an Etsy Shop.

W O W !!   Eight super lucky Etsy independent designers are the first to be showcased in this dedicated landmark retail space in New York City, the mecca of shopping.  Talk about winning the lottery.

Not only will prospective shoppers be able to actually touch these products before (hopefully) buying them, but they will learn a little more about the designer and how they produce their goods through store displays.


Huge kudos to Macys for taking this great leap and highlighting small, independent designers.  Hopefully more stores will follow suit.

This news really lit another fire under my bum and after clicking a few links I was able to complete an application in hopes to be one of those lucky designers that gets her goods into Macys.   After all, the world needs less plastic bags and more fashionable reusable shopping totes, doesn’t it??

Fingers crossed.  x x


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