Clean Gums Never Tasted So Good

Ok let’s keep this short and sweet.  You need to floss every day for healthy gums and teeth and to keep dragon breath at bay.

But let’s face it, flossing is boring and you’re pretty limited in your choices.  Waxed vs not waxed.  Mint vs cinnamon.  Thin vs thick.  Eh … boring!

Until now.

I’m diggin’ a new floss created by two Bay-area sisters, Cocofloss.  Not only is it organic, non-toxic and earth-friendly (triple yay!) but the flavors are exciting.  Think coconut that makes you feel like your on a tropical island with pina colada in hand.  Sweet strawberry that is super yummy and fresh.  And of course, gotta have a delicious mint.

Buy one or a pack of three to try out all delicious flavors.

Flossing just got fun.



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