Are You A Drugstore Beauty ?

It’s been hammered into our heads since we were in our twenties and continues each morning as we open our mailboxes and read the importance of beauty products.  What’s hot, what’s harmful, and what you absolutely positively cannot live without.

In each step of your beauty regimen you must have the right products to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate, replenish, purify, and of course, banish wrinkles.  We’re told to sleep with a humidifier with our pillows covered in silk cases so our must-have eye cream can do it’s job.  There’s a ritual before hitting the sack to ensure you wake up refreshed and looking beautiful … before you start your morning beauty routine.  (Not to be confused with the nighttime routine)

There are the tried and true methods and the ones we are just hearing about.  Everything from Pond’s Cold Cream, that grandma used each night, to the new Botox creams that promise to give you an instant facelift, sans the injections.

I admit.  I love beauty products.  The hope of buying a jar or tube of cream that will wipe away my wrinkles, rehydrate my skin, and bring back my youthful glow is too hard to resist.  So we believe that to achieve results you have to shell out the big bucks.  $100 plus creams are not atypical when chasing the Holy Grail of beauty.

But through my own experimentation and the help of other bloggers and beauty editors, the reality is … there are great beauty products on the market that work just as well, if not better, than those expensive creams.

There’s an awesome article in Cosmopolitan that talks about 19 amazing drugstore products that you should be using.  When I read the article, I realized that I use a lot of these products and love them.  They are the frugal picks in my beauty routine that get me results without emptying my wallet.

When my hair needs volume without being to stiff or sticky?  This is my go to product.


A must have for my nails several times a week.  Keeps them healthy and strong.


I couldn’t live without my at-home micro-dermabrasion kit.  This stuff is da bomb!


There’s others on the list that I use and love and some that are new to me, which I definitely plan to try.

What would I add to this list?

Roc’s Deep Wrinkle Night Cream which I snag for a whopping $21


My FAVORITE scrub – Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask for under $4


And good ol’ fashion Johnson’s Baby Oil for under $6 to keep my skin silky smooth




The point is – you don’t have to spend your entire paycheck on expensive beauty products when you can snag some great result-generating products at your local drugstore.

What’s your must-have drugstore beauty product?


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