The Excessive Cost of Beauty at the Golden Globes

Yes, I’ve been known to hunker down on the couch to watch the red carpet studded with glamorous Hollywood movie stars for the Golden Globes or the Oscars.  It’s fun to see the dresses, the jewelry, the entire put-together look.  Gorgeous actors dripping with jewels wearing amazing gowns as they effortlessly strut their stuff for the cameras.

In the weeks before and after the Hollywood awards season you can’t read a blog or fashion magazine without hearing about the “must have” spa treatments these beauties must undergo before hitting the red carpet.  Than there’s the dress.  The designer, the fittings, and the stylist.  Top that off with jewels, manicures, hair stylists, makeup artists and security …. and you’re left with one hefty price tag.

Approximately $40,000.    That’s just $13,657 shy of the U.S. median household income in 2014 .

Excessive?  Other than those on either side of this award show prep coin, I would say most people would agree.

So what exactly costs $40,000?    According to Leah Bourne of the New York Post, the breakdown goes something like this:

  • Hair:  $6,000
  • Dress: $12,500  (The dress is actually free.  The cost is for fittings and the ever so important stylist)
  • Make up: $5,000
  • Nails: $300 (Wow – I thought paying $20 for my manicure was expensive!)
  • Jewelry: $20,000 (Again, the jewelry is on loan.  The cost is for security and insurance)

Doing the math that actually comes to over $43,000.

What would most people do with an extra $40,000?   I’m sure things like fund their retirement account, buy a house, set up their child’s college account and things like that would come to mind.  But hair, makeup and spa treatments?   Even for Hollywood that seems nothing short of excessive.

Beauty doesn’t come from a jar or a brush or the perfectly styled outfit.  That’s not to say these stars shouldn’t partake in pampering and styling before the show. If I were going to be positioned in front of the cameras for millions to see I certainly wouldn’t want to be applying my own make up or doing my own hair.  But I definitely wouldn’t be paying those prices.

Just think of the good that would come if each Hollywood celeb donated half of what they would pay to a charity or to those in need.

The price tag for Hollywood glamour.  A necessity or an over-the-top extravagance?  Let me know what you think.


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