A New Denim Fad for 2016 ?

I swear I’m not a Gigi Hadid stalker.  I just love her style.  Lately she’s been a spotlight in my fashion blog posts and this one is no exception.

Her latest fashion statement is one I will definitely be replicating … Graphic Jeans.  She was spotted in Paris sporting these glam jeans that add the perfect amount of coolness to an otherwise understated outfit.

Top designers, like Stella McCartney are joining the trend too with a variety of styles.

42471148go_12_fNow, I do see the downside of this trend.  People will start creating their own graphic jeans and go way overboard with their designs.   We saw this with the ripped jean fad.  Most where tastefully done.  I won’t lie.  My closet is housing a few pairs of torn jeans.  But others took it overboard , eh hem …   I mean seriously.  Why even wear jeans at this point?  And you’d better make sure you don’t have grandma-knees when you’re sporting these suckers.



For the graphic jean trend, I definitely think less is more.  Be selective with your graphic and  placement, otherwise you’ll look … well … you’ll get that little black bar across your eyes.  (Yeah –  you know what I’m talking about)

Graphic Jeans.  Hot new trend or bad idea?   You decide.


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