My Morning Beauty Routine? Just Add Caffeine

I love coffee.

I love the smell of it.  I love the unadulterated taste of it.  (Yes, that means I drink it black) I love the ritual of making it.  Without my jolt of caffeine in the morning I’m sure I would stumble unsuccessfully through my day.

Now I’m adding caffeine to my beauty routine.

Years ago when I was studying aromatherapy, I learned from my teacher that caffeine essential oil was great to use in beauty products.  Just as when you drink it, caffeine is a stimulant, which when added to your beauty products can have some exciting results.

Like increased blood circulation.  That’s why it’s added to lip products – to plump up your pucker.  And you know what some plumpness will do to those fine lines.  That’s right … see ya later.

In fact, beauty products that contain caffeine “can help tone down inflammation, plump up fine lines, stimulate blood circulation, and help reduce redness.”   Now who doesn’t need that?

Check at this list of caffeine infused products and give ’em a try.

Oh caffeine …. I think I might love you even more.


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