What Is The Urban Shopping Tote Anyway?

The concept of the Urban Shopping Tote was to create a reusable grocery bag that people would love to carry.   I wanted it to be fashionable and functional.  Ultimately, revolutionizing the way we use reusable shopping bags.

So I hit the ground running with a trip to the local fabric store and made a variety of bags in both small and large with different fabrics and linings.   Through trial and error I was able to see what worked and what didn’t, which helped me to boil down my design.

I was living in Los Angeles at the time and found fabric heaven ….. Ragfinders.  This mecca warehouse of fabric was quite overwhelming on my first (and second) trip.  But I went back over and over again until I selected what I thought would be the perfect fabrics for my first collection.  They were on-trend, sturdy and most of all, washable.

The first Urban Shopping Tote Collection came out in the Fall / Winter 2013 consisting of 5 options, most of which are still available today on my website.

Winter White  |  Gray Snakeskin Denim |  Cheetah  |  Velvet Cheetah  |  Chocolate Chenille 

So what makes this bag so great?   In a nutshell, three things:

It folds …  It’s washable …  It’s versatility

When I started selling these bags my friends (fellow preschool moms) were the first to buy them.  Of course, your friends are going to support you!   But what I didn’t expect was the overwhelming amount of support and love for these bags.  I found these hip and trendy women using these bags everyday for everything!   They were packing them full of their child’s stuff (clothes, snacks, toys, blankets), using them at the park, taking them to the gym and using them as their everyday tote bag.  They couldn’t rave enough about how much stuff you could fit into them.  And the best part … they get dirty and you wash it.  Good as new.

Obviously I use these tote bags for grocery shopping.  I can’t remember the last time I used a single-use-bag.  But aside from that, I love these totes at the beach and love, love, LOVE them when I travel.   Two large Urban Shopping Totes are the epitome of travel bags because of the sheer amount of stuff you can bring on the airplane.  And traveling with a 5 year old … we have a lot of stuff!  🙂

Check them out.  Snag one … or two … and let me know what you think.


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