More Cities Join the Bag Ban (Woot!)

According to WasteDive , a waste industry publication, Sacramento has become the 146th municipality in California to join the bag ban.  What does this mean?   Shoppers in grocery stores, convenience stores and large pharmacies, like CVS, must bring their own reusable shopping bags or pay $.10 for a paper bag or reusable plastic bag.

Both environmentalists and officials in Sacramento stated single use bags were “burdening their landfills, littering their roads and waterways, and clogging recycling machinery.”

It’s stories like these that ignite the flame for more and more cities to join the bag ban in cleaning up our environment and saving our wildlife.

But what if your city isn’t quite there yet?  You can still take action by banning single-use-bags in your own home.  Make it a practice to reduce, reuse and recycle each and every time.

Go Sacramento!


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