It’s January & You’re Wearing White ?!?

I would like to know who made the fashion rule that it’s a faux pas to wear white pants after Labor Day.   I mean, white gets a measly three months to get out there and strut it’s stuff while all the other colors of the rainbow can be worn throughout the year, sans the shaming.

And what if you do wear white pants after Labor Day.  Is there someone running around town ready to slap that little black bar across your eyes and slate you as a fashion disaster?

There are however plenty of rule breakers out there and I for one am one of them.  After all, I did design a Winter White Shopping Tote bag in my first collection.

Obviously though, take caution when sporting this pant color during the winter season.  I personally like to pair it with neutrals and camel color to give it a touch of elegance.  I tend to stay away from the sharp contrasting colors during this season … I save that for summertime.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these celeb photos and see how they pull it off.  I think Gigi Hadid does it right.

Still leery?  You can always accessorize your winter outfit with the perfect winter white shopping tote.  : ) 

Go on.  Be a rule breaker.​


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